Lawrence Raigrodski provide the following accounting Services: Payroll, Tax Planning, CPA Consulting Services, Bookkeeping, Consulting ,Business Valuation.

Tax Return Preparation

Lawrence Raigrodski CPA has almost 30 years of experience preparing individual and business tax returns. Our expertise allows you to minimize your tax burden. We comprehensively assess your state and federal tax return before filing to include deductions, claims, and benefits that work in your favor. You should never have to pay a penny more than you owe because of lackluster accounting. Let us handle your personal or business tax return preparation to find... Read More >>

Tax Return Review

All new tax returns are reviewed and compared to previous years. Our depth of knowledge has allowed clients to claim thousands of dollars in overpaid taxes through amendments. We can often spot simple errors on tax returns that work to your benefit, in addition to providing insights on missed deductions and IRS approved tax credits and rebates. We are happy to file amended returns so that you get the money you are entitled to and cover your legal tax... Read More >>

Non Profit Tax Returns

Non Profits have a unique set of requirements when filing taxes. They must navigate specific IRS requirements in how they operate and organize their finances, yet they can also claim benefits that private businesses cannot. We offer audit services to non profit organizations of all sizes and prepare the highly complex Form 990s. We can also establish a not for profit entity.... Read More >>

Payroll Services

Lawrence Raigrodski CPA offers a full range of payroll services. Paying employees can be a potential sand trap for any business; correctly computing salaries and hourly wages, deductions, medical, retirement, W-2, W-9, 1099 and on.
We will be your expert resource for everything from paying employees through the preparation of federal and state forms. Our payroll services are offered at competitive rates to enable you to focus on growing and managing other... Read More >>

Tax Planning

Lawrence Raigrodski CPA continuously monitors changes in the federal, state, and local tax requirements to allow our clients to minimize their tax burden for the future. Many clients express surprise at how much simpler their business or personal finances become with adequate tax planning. Needless to say, clients also tend to use their funds more effectively as a result. Do not neglect this important aspect of your taxes. We are at your side, armed with... Read More >>

Estate, Gift and Trust Tax Return Preparation

Lawrence Raigrodski CPA provides expert preparation of federal and state estate, gift, and trust tax returns. Whether you are planning for years beyond your time, or want to enjoy the best of life right now, it is important to have estate, gift, and trust taxes in your sight. Neglecting these can have very serious implications about the IRS's ability to decide how these assets are allocated. We will guide you in order to carry out your vision for estates,... Read More >>

CPA Consulting Services

Lawrence Raigrodski CPA offers a full range of tax consulting services to help you improve your business operations and increase your profitability. Short-term consulting or longer term needs on retainer give you the expertise you need without having to have an in-house consultant. We are hear to solve problems, establish good practices, support you through audits, and so much more.... Read More >>

Business Valuation

Lawrence Raigrodski CPA provides accurate valuation of your business and advise you on the purchase of new businesses. This important step will give you more perfect information about the risks and opportunities that stand before you. For many businesses, this can be a make or break issue in their decision to sell or acquire. We will always explain and detail how we conducted our valuation so that you understand our resulting valuation.... Read More >>

Review and Compilations

Lawrence Raigrodski CPA offers a full Review and Compilation services for small to medium sized businesses. As an alternative to audits, reviews and compilations will give added credibility and reliability to a company's financial reporting. This is often required by clients dealing with regulatory agencies, non-management team owners, and financial institutions.... Read More >>

Bookkeeping / Write-Up

Lawrence Raigrodski CPA provides full-charge bookkeeping services, including general journal and subsidiary ledger maintenance, bank statement reconciliation, and receivables and payables tracking and analysis. Bookkeeping that is straightforward and transparent is an asset to every business.... Read More >>