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  • It was popularised in the 1960s with the release
    Contrary to popular belief, Lorem Ipsum is not simply random text. It has roots in a piece of classical Latin literature from 45 BC, making it over 2000 years old. Richard McClintock, a Latin profes- sor Sydney Collegeroots in a piece of classical o popular... read more
  • Lawrence Raigrodski was hired two years ago
    Lawrence Raigrodski was hired two years ago to prepare our non-profits 990s. Lawrence is very professional and easy to work with. He has been able to meet all of our filing deadlines and our members are very happy with his work

    Dave Litwack read more
  • Lawrence has been my accountant for my business
    Lawrence has been my accountant for my business for over 10 years. He always works diligently to keep my taxes as low as possible. He works very well with my staff and is always willing to do extra work for me.

    Shaul Rafael read more
  • I was recently audited by the IRS
    I was recently audited by the IRS. We hired Lawrence Raigrodski to handle our problems due to his long experience of dealing with the IRS. Lawrence was able to resolve all of the IRS concerns and no changes were made to our return.
    Anna Boopraj read more
  • My last accountant did not file my returns
    My last accountant did not file my returns and almost put me out of my business. I hired Lawrence Raigrodski and he was able to reconcile my books and put me back on sound footing. He was also able to substantially reduce my IRS and state penalties.

    Prosper read more
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  • Health Care Reform
    June.24.2011 Here is a list of the major components of Health Care Reform that are now law and those that will be shortly:

    YEAR: 2010

    10% excise tax on indoor UV tanning services: July 1, 2010
    Health care coverage expansion to children under the age of 27: March 30, read more
    • Record Keeping
      September.05.2011 The basic retention period for IRS documents is three years from the later of the tax return filing due date or the actual filing date.  However, errors on your tax return for over 25% of the tax obligation require record retention of six years.

      You should read more
      • Most Common Tax Filing Mistakes
        September.05.2011 1. Forgetting a W-2 or 1099 - The IRS matches these forms to your tax return.  If you do not report them properly, you will get an IRS notice in the mail asking for clarification.

        2. Duplicate Dependent Reporting - If more than one tax return claims the same read more
        • Home Office Deduction for Corporate Owner
          September.05.2011 The best way to claim this deduction is to use an accountable plan.  The accountable plan requires that you, the owner, employee must incur the expenses in the performance of your duteis for the corporation and substantiate the expenses to the corporation in read more
          • Small Business Retirement Plans
            September.05.2011 There are five types of Small Business Retirement Plans:

            1. Simplified Employee Pensions

            2. Simple IRAs

            3. Solo and Family 401 (k) plans

            4. Profit-sharing plans (self-employed keogh plans and corporate plans)

            5, Defined Benefit Plans

            The best read more
            • Cost of Incorporating in Delaware rather than the Washington metropolitan area.
              January.04.2012 Delaware offers several advantages for incorporation. These include the Delaware General Corporate Law and the flexibility built into the corporate formation process. (more…) read more
              • Surviving an IRS Audit in Maryland
                January.04.2012 I have represented several clients before the IRS over my thirty years of experience. I recently represented a client and I am going to describe the procedures required to defend your position before the IRS. (more…) read more
                • Recommended Software for Bookkeeping
                  January.04.2012 I recommend Quickbooks from Intuit for your bookkeeping needs. Although Quickbooks may be a little more expensive that other comparable programs, Quickbooks has become the standard for small business accounting and it’s the favorite accounting software read more
                  • Advantages of Conducting Business in Virginia
                    January.04.2012 Virginia’s proximity to Washington DC and having the port of Virginia with a schedule of 3,000 sailings a year to ports around the world make it an attractive location to start a business. Fifty-six percent of all United States consumers live within 741 miles read more
                    • Advantages of Conducting Business in Washington DC
                      January.04.2012 Washington DC is the nation’s capitol. It attracts companies from around the United States who want to do business with the federal government. Many of these companies contract business with the federal government and employ thousands of people. It also has read more
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